London Fashion Week / Cristina Sabaiduc

Spring-Summer 2014

Set against the backdrop of an English wood, the film focuses on colour, texture and movement, while playing with the concept of time’s effect on the body, garment, architecture and nature. Shirley Darlington, a freerunning model perches, spins, and dives between the tall branches of ancient Beech trees. Her performance embodies elements of ballet, gymnastics, and parkour. More motion art than narrative the film evokes the essence of the Cristina Sabaiduc woman as a force of nature; strong, elegant, and spirited. Produced in collaboration with one of the UK’s most innovative art collectives and directed by the designer herself, the film blurs the lines between art and fashion presentation—a theme, which continually informs and drives Cristina’s work.

What I did:

  • Editing
  • Grading
  • Music Composition